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Sharing our passion and providing the world with a 360° vision of blockchain. We understand that blockchain and digital currencies are not a panacea, but those technologies do have the potential to disrupt virtually every industry. 


We want to give blockchain professionals a place to talk about their work and share their experience. Nowadays, there is an overwhelming amount of content about blockchain, but we strive to provide high quality content with correct information by giving a platform to seasoned experts.



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Meet the Team

Alexandros Ntolgkov

Alexandros is a co-founder and host of the podcast. Alexandros is also a student in the MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currencies from the University of Nicosia. Alexandros is also a Chartered Blockchain Expert and holds a Polkadot certification.

Alexandros has extensive experience in the field, having worked notably at BeInCrypto and being a part of the Crypto Valley Association.

Besides his passion for crypto and decentralized finance as a whole, Alexandros has extensive experience in event organization and PR.

Stella Friaisse

Stella is a co-founder and host of the podcast. She is also a student in the MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currencies from the University of Nicosia for which she received a full scholarship from Coinbase. She has been in the space since the end of 2020 growing her network, working in blockchain startups, and attending  many events (including as a keynote speaker). 

Stella loves to talk about the challenges faced by the industry (technical and socio-political challenges in particular) and is most fascinated by the potential for disruption of blockchain on a social level.  She is a freelance consultant in Blockchain & Digital Currencies.

Steven Claeys

Steven is a co-founder and host of the podcast. Steven has the longest time running in the crypto sphere of any team member, having discovered the field in 2017. This makes him the team member with the most hands-on experience when it comes to DEXs, DeFi, Trading, Gaming, etc. His background in law allows him to understand crucial aspects of crypto regulation and the importance of KYC, AML and GDPR for the blockchain space. 

Steven is also the founder and CEO of Sitwear BV and runs another podcast.

Dimitar Stoychev

Dimitar is a full-time consultant in the IT and digitalization sector based in Germany. He has graduated with his bachelor’s from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and has completed an MBA in Hamburg. He is very interested in sustainability, most particularly in renewable energies. Dimitar is mostly interested in the opportunities of blockchain in the field of renewable energies and the possibilities it creates for better power distribution.

Within the team, Dimitar provides support with general management and marketing.