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Violetta is a Russian serial entrepreneur. She is currently leading several startups and projects including CADChain and Fe/male Switch. In this episode, which will be divided into 2 parts, we will be talking about the various challenges and opportunities in the field of Intellectual property protection for blockchain. We will also talk about her social impact project which is an innovative simulation game aiming to bring more women into tech startups.  

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In this episode our colleague Alexandros talks with Yip about blockchain inclusion, education, diversity and how to prepare for the Token Economy. Additionally, we talk about Yip’s own project, Unit: the WordPress of Digital Currencies. Yip designs Blockchain & Crypto Learning, Mentoring & Coaching Programs.

15 years expertise in designing peer to peer or centralized training programs / curriculum, and designing transformation programs for self- and organizational development.

If you would like to enroll in any of Yip’s educational programmes, you can find the links below:

Unit masters: 6 week learning programme:
DLT Talents: 18 week training and educational programme for women only:
DeFi Programme: 18 week training for Decentralized Finance:
Leon is a passionate Bitcoiner. Over the past 6 years, he has been leading several initiatives aiming to observe and support the Bitcoin Revolution. Among those initiatives: Bitcoin Club Malta and more recently Bitcoin News, a project to give a voice to small projects and bring underground news to light. 
As a digital nomad, Leon has been able to travel and witness with his own eyes the adoption of Bitcoin in various countries including El Salvador.
Leon’s LinkedIn if you have any business enquiries:
Bitcoin News website:

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