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What we do

We are a group of passionate blockchain practitioners who aim to provide people with a  podcast that features experts and professionals from the blockchain industry who want to share their knowledge and experience with the world.

Why does a European politician receive his salary in Bitcoin? Why should you buy a house in the Metaverse? Is Crypto actually used for illegal activities? What role does Blockchain play in the World Food Program? Is Bitcoin good for the environment?… And More

The Blockchain Practitioners Podcast

Your very Own personal AI

 In this episode, Steven and Suman talk about what a personal AI looks like and how it operates as well as why blockchain technology is key, not only for data ownership and protection but also for monetization and community growth.

Getting a Salary in bitcoin

Christophe and Alexandros explore Christophe’s priorities and interests ranging from intelligent ecology, entrepreneurship & innovation. Christophe is also organising the annual Brussels Blockchain Week conference together with Raoul Ullens.

Blockchain for social good

Blockchain enables financial inclusion and transparency across the value chain, which is paramount for a nongovernmental organization like the United Nations. During this episode, Federico, Head of Innovation at the World Food Programme from the UN will tell us about the use cases of blockchain throughout different UN-led projects.

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What we do

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We publish new podcast episodes every second Wednesday. Our guest include blockchain experts from different professional backgrounds. 


We provide professional workshops for individuals, groups and organizations of any kind and size. The services we provide are tailored-made to the specific needs of our clients and cover different levels of blockchain-related knowledge: from beginners to advanced practitioners


We offer consulting services to organizations on any blockchain-related topics. Our services are structured in a tier-based packages and are made to fit both the budget of small start-ups as well as the needs of large enterprises. 

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Curious about a Blockchain workshop for you employees or you want to structure your business around this technology. You are at the right place!

Certified Skills

Our Practitioners have certified knowledge in Blockchain from prestigious institutions like the University of Nicosia.

Agile Team

4 people, 6 countries, 9 languages. Our team consists of people from multicultural backgrounds with very diverse professional experiences.

360° Flexibility

We offer fully online as well as offline services, around the world.

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